SUNY Upstate Medical University Sterile Supply Tech 1/2 in Syracuse, New York

Schedule based on 40 hour work week. Position is located at the University Hospital. Pending successful completion of a one-year orientation of rotating shifts, candidate will work ' 'primary shift' 11 p.m. - 7:30 a.m. Provides support services for the department under the direction of a supervisor. Is responsible for cleaning, disinfecting, assembling and wrapping for sterilization of surgical instrumentation for the Operating Rooms and Hospital departments. Operate equipment for the sterilization of complex and simple surgical sets using various methods; record the monitoring of sterilization and decontamination of equipment. Is responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the environment. One year of experience in cleaning, sterilizing and maintaining medical supplies and equipment. Must demonstrate ability to lift and move heavy instruments and carts using proper body mechanics and manual dexterity; follow written instructions from cards and manuals; effective communication skills; ability to move swiftly in emergencies; all five senses (with adequate correction); must be free from dermatological conditions which prevent use of potentially abrasive solutions and/or protective gloves.

  • Candidates who do not possess one-year of experience will be considered for appointment to an entry level position (TH Sterile Supply Technician 1, SG. 07) at commensurate salary. Upon successful completion of a 1 year probationary/orientation period as a TH Sterile Supply Technician 1 will upgrade to a TH Sterile Supply Technician 2, SG. 08.