Norsk Titanium Information Technology Support Tech in Plattsburgh, New York


Enhance and accelerate the information technology support process in the United States. Develop the information technology team further, specifically in the United States. Intent is to begin training and development of a new resource in anticipation of increased responsibility placed on U.S. resources as the PDQC and PPC continue to ramp up for production

-Basic end User PC support for windows operating systems
-Basic end User support for mobile devices (IOS, and Android)
-Cat 6 cable installation/termination
-Help Desk monitoring
-PC Setup and configuration
-Troubleshoot issues based on a rudimentary understanding of enterprise IT systems
-Troubleshoot issues based on a rudimentary understanding of computer networking
-Contribute to acquisitions of hardware and software required to support the organization

-Contribute to Enterprise IT systems planning and deployment
-Contribute to software development and distribution
-Contribute to site planning for expansion

Preferred educational background and professional experiance:
-High School Education

Preferred but not required:
-BS. or trade school education in related field
-CompTIA A+ Certification

Personal Abilities:
-Process oriented
-Behave according to the "NTi Values"

IT Specific:
-Able to work independently