MP Engineers, P.C. Mechanical Engineers/Inspectors in New York, New York

Mechanical Engineers to join our team for a 6-9 month contractual work period with the School Construction Authority (SCA) for the BCAS (Building Condition Assessment Survey) project. Each day members of a team (consisting of one Mechanical Engineer, one Electrical Engineer, and two Architects) inspect New York City schools facilities in Brooklyn and Queens by interviewing the principal and custodial staff regarding the condition of the building.

For Mechanical Engineers, we inquire about the performances, deficiencies and age of mechanical systems/components inherent to building structures such as boilers, chillers, air handlers, rooftop units, climate control system, plumbing, ductwork, and other related items and systems. When the interview is completed, inspectors conduct a walk through in the building to verify whether such systems exist or not, functional as mentioned, and within Component/System Life Expectancy rating. Upon completion of the interview and walk through, information gathered during these processes is entered using the Apple Ipad which is provided to the inspector.