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Account Clerk - This is routine clerical work involving performance of standard account-keeping practices in maintaining and checking financial accounts and records. The incumbent works under direct supervision on routine assignments which are done in accordance with defined procedures; detailed instructions are provided for new or unusual assignments. The work is reviewed by observation, cross-checks or by the immediate supervisor and by other steps in the account-keeping process. This position differs from Senior Account Clerks by virtue of the limited complexity of the work and lack of supervisory responsibility. Does related duties as required.

Duties -
Reviews a variety of documents such as claim forms, vouchers, bills, purchase orders to determine eligibility for payment or to verify accuracy of payment made, according to defined
procedures and policies;
Verifies all calculations and codes on documents;
Posts figures to appropriate accounts either manually or through a computer, verifying all data entered;
Reconciles all entries, both debits and credits;
Prepares simple financial or statistical reports from data entered, including status of accounts, current balances, cash received or paid;
Produces data needed for State and Federal reimbursement claims;
Receives cash payments, issues receipts;
Prepares checks for disbursement, deposits funds into appropriate accounts, prepares reconciliation of balances and posts balances to appropriate ledgers;
May make bank deposits;
Contacts clients, vendors, etc. to obtain additional information;
Provides routine information orally or in writing in response to inquiries on financial records;
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Qualifications -
One year of clerical experience maintaining financial accounts and records, which must include as a regularly occurring function of the job some financial account keeping duties, such as reconciling bank statements, posting to ledgers, making entries to journals or checking voucher and purchase orders for arithmetical accuracy and completeness.
Note: Successful completion of coursework in accounting, business administration or closely related field at a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees, may be substituted for the required experience with one semester credit hours of related coursework as indicated above being equivalent to one month of experience.
Person that is appointed must take the next available Civil Service Exam.