Columbia Memorial Hospital BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CARE MANAGER - 5250 in Hudson, New York

The behavioral health care manager is a core member of the collaborative care team, including the patient s medical provider and psychiatric consultant, as well as the larger primary care team or medical team. The behavioral health care manager is responsible for supporting and coordinating the mental and physical health care of patients on an assigned patient caseload with the patient s medical provider and, when appropriate, other mental health providers.

Education: Graduate from an accredited master’s degree program in the mental health field.

License/Certifications: Provisional LMHC,LMSW,LCSW or higher Certification in Case Management preferred.

Experience: Previous experience in case management preferred. General computer knowledge and capability to use computers required. Critical thinking skills and ability to analyze complex data sets required. Previous experience in the mental health field, counseling or related experience.

Posted on: September 15, 2017



Full-time / Part-time: FT

Shift: DAYS