Nursefinders Inc. Certified Nursing Assistant in Binghamton, New York

Certified Nursing Assistant - Responsible for the delivery of nursing assistant services to patients as defined in this job specification and by the assigned healthcare facility in its unit and/or department specific description.

High school graduate.
Training work experience as a nursing assistant for at least 1 year.
Current certification as required by state.
Drug Screening.
Medical Exam.
Reference Check.
Criminal Background Check.
LTC or skilled nursing home experience required.

Workplace conditions:
Frequent lifting, bending and reaching.
May require lifting of up to 80 pounds (using proper techniques).
May require standing and walking 2-5 hours at a time.
May have exposure to chemicals, radiation, infectious diseases/waste and/or blood and blood borne pathogens.
Communication, Confidentiality, Customer Service:
Thorough and complete verbal and written communication, including charting and patient
record related documentation, maintains patient confidentiality in all cases, shows strong
customer service skills, always introducing self to patients prior to performing any procedures
or tasks, good listening skills and conflict resolution abilities.
Adaptability, Flexibility:
Shows consistent abilities in flexibility regarding patient assignments, floating, and related
staffing issues, is able to adapt quickly and adequately in new situations, learns and adopts
required duties quickly and easily, displays positive attitude in situations where adaptability
and flexibility are necessary and desirable.
Teamwork, Cooperation:
Recognizes the benefits of teamwork, assists others when requested or need is identified, is
proactive in determining need for teamwork and work re-distribution, able to problem solve in
situations in which working with others is imperative.
Reliability, Attendance:
Consistently arrives on shift prior to shift begin time ready and able to work, respects facility
policy on attendance and follows it appropriately when necessary, shows respect for other
staff by consistently working when scheduled.
Initiative, Enthusiasm:
Promotes a positive work environment by consistently demonstrating a positive attitude,
enthusiastically tackling the patient care assignment, acting as a role model in behavior and
enthusiasm for patient care assignments. Shows positive and congenial behaviors towards
patients, other staff members, medical staff and family members.
Quality, Quantity, Effort:
Carries a full load as defined by the facility, attends to patient care in accordance with policy
and procedure consistently and does not provide care out of the scope of practice.
Demonstrates efficiency in assignments so as to produce quality and quantity patient care
with the most efficient effort, while not cutting corners. Able to prioritize effectively.
Demonstrates clinical competency in role.
Professionalism, Certification maintenance, Continuing Education:
Maintains license or certifications according to state (or certifying body) regulations, seeks out continuing education opportunities, shows professional conduct at all times in behavior and
appearance, keeps current all employee health information as required by Company.
Nursefinders will be at the Broome-Tioga Workforce office for a recruitment on Thursday July 27th, 2017 from 12pm-2pm. Bring Resumes!