Knowledge Builders Inc. HBITS#4960 Technical Architect EH in Albany, New York

Job Description :

Technical Architect Expert High

  • Technical expert centered around a technology, technologies or a portfolio of applications

  • Designing and implementing Information Technology solutions

Expert 84+ Months

Candidate is able to provide leadership of large teams and/or extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.

  1. Certification: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

  2. 24 or more months experience developing Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) .Net applications.

  3. 84 or more month’s demonstrated experience utilizing the ORACLE DBMS_CRYPTO package to implement AES 256 encryption, or Microsoft .NET RijnedaeI Managed objects to implement initialization Vector based encryption, in order to store HIPAA or Red Flag protected client information.

  4. 84 or more months demonstrated experience on medium to large-scale projects as a Message Broker expert utilizing the MS .NET framework, Web Services, MS Window Services, with interoperability capabilities across multiple platforms and COTS products providing audit functionality to confirm 100% message receipt verification.

  5. 24 or more months demonstrated experience using a Design Pattern with Microsoft .NET to extract data from XML files based on HUD defined XSD.

  6. 24 or more months demonstrated experience designing and creating Large-Scale ORACLE Data Warehouses incorporating STAR schemas, Cost-Based optimizers, Bitmap Indexes, and STAR transformation optimizers.

  7. 36 or more months experience developing applications utilizing ASP .Net MVC.

  8. 84 or more months experience coding with C# and VB.Net

  9. 36 or more months experience creating n-tiered applications with Javascript Framework (ie. JQuery, Wijmo).

  10. Master’s Degree

Due by 10/18/2017

Job Title: HBITS#4960 Technical Architect EH

Job Location: Albany, NY

Job Duration: 24 months - Due by 10/18/2017